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$124 in the first day... and it just kept growing...

The above video just showed you only ONE way (among many) to make money with this software. In fact, you DON'T even need any experience or capital to siphon money. All you need to know is HOW TO CLICK SOME BUTTONS and follow our instructions.

This is more advanced than any software you've ever seen - It'd take another lengthy 20 minutes video to show you all the supreme features... so to quickly find out how the software makes BIG money for you, keep reading every word of this page...


A list... a product... or any capital to get started!

Knowledge or Experience In Any Niche! You do NOT even need to know what affiliate marketing is...

Waiting Time! YES - you can see results instantly!

Any Analysis or Thinking on Your Part! Everything is Automated!


From: James Bradley
Re: How to make instant income online on autopilot

Dear fellow internet entrepreneur,

I don't know you. And You don't know me. Just Yet.

But one thing you and I both know. Somehow you landed on this page because you want something that can change your life...

... something that can make your extra REAL money

... something that can significantly boost your current income

So, if that's what you really want, stop everything you're doing and...

Stay right where you are... get comfy...

And get ready for the secret software that is about to change your life...

You ARE just a few minutes away from the first 'brain-inspired' software EVER that can bring you multiple sources of online income on autopilot...

And if you're as obsessed about making BIG money online from free traffic as I am, this directly affects you...

You'll want to discover how I make approximately $2,500 every day using my very own custom-made software.

This is a jealously-guarded piece of software I've been using to put autopilot income in my pockets for the last 6 months.

The logic and sophistication used to code it is superior to anything that's out there.

And unlike 99% of the software out there, on this page, I'm going to show you REAL-TIME, HARDCORE PROOF of the traffic and the MONEY that my brand new traffic magnet can generate.

These are not 'done-up' Clickbank shots.

Nor are they 'prettied-up' Photoshopped traffic reports.

Because I have no time to play shenanigans with you.

On this page, you are indeed able to watch a brand new affiliate account getting real live traffic AND getting real money and...

But before I get to that, let's get this straight...

With my software, here's what you DON'T need:

You DON'T need any experience or knowledge in any niche!

You DON'T need any technical skills!

You DON'T need to spend hours writing Google Adwords & fine-tuning other PPC Techniques

You DON'T need to spend hours tinkering with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & building links

You CERTAINLY won't spend hours writing articles

You DON'T need to payout of your teeth in buying media & PPV traffic

You DON'T need to beg JV partners & affiliates to promote for you

You DON'T useless Social Bookmarking or any of the other usual methods that have been beaten to death.


I'm talking about getting huge Clickbank checks... impressive Amazon checks... or checks from any other affiliate networks for that matter... without a lick of work.

And it's all above the board.

It's nothing illegal.

It's nothing the FEDS are going to come tearing down your door for.

You are about to get "back-door" access to the latest and most lethal traffic-getting technology in just a matter of minutes.


But That's Still NOT Enough


You see, I'm just like you.

I'm on the same marketing lists you are on.

I see the same product launches you do.

And, hell, I've bought some of the same traffic courses, traffic softwares and ebooks you do.

And the thing you've probably noticed is that almost every single traffic "system" has one thing in common:


And on this page, you will be BOMBARDED with PROOF upon PROOF of people getting real-time money and traffic.

Just think...

How many 'gurus' have done it OR are willing to do that?

How many can show you real-time reviews of customers which cannot be tampered with?

Not many.

But I can...

...because I have nothing to hide. I'm not a guru.

In fact, I want to tell you...

Hi. My name is James Bradley and, like you, I was....

Hungry for FREE traffic.

Hungry for AUTOMATED income and...

Hungry for the FREEDOM that comes with it.

And until last year, I was a high-flying, well-paid C# programmer.

But I didn't enjoy my job.

It was dull.


And I spent most of my days reading up profiles of Internet marketers who went from ZERO to HERO in just a few months... or sometimes weeks.

I wanted to be one of those guys.

I wanted to go the Internet Marketing seminars.

I wanted to take pictures with the celebrity Internet marketers and post up on my blogs, too.

Or I simply just wanted to travel to different countries... travelling first-class...

... living it up in swanky five-star hotels...while I had two or three nice cars parked up in my driveway... the mortgage-free home... fine dining... fine clothes... and all that good stuff.


I wanted it all.

And as a worker drone who was desperate to break free from my job, I bought every "flavor of the the week" the Internet marketing industry pushed at me, trying to fulfill that dream.

Probably the same as you're doing now.

And what did it get me?

A clogged-up hard drive.

A digital rubbish heap of useless affiliate marketing software.

Useless ebooks.

Useless videos.

And a HUGE credit card bill.

Soon I found out that almost every single traffic "system" being sold has one thing in common:


And that sucks.

And you see, of all type of traffic systems, software cost me the most money...

I bought many of them, as they were promised to do all the 'traffic generating' tasks on autopilot...

The sad truth is...

Most of the software is crap.

Some are just affiliate review generators, some are just social bookmarking submitters, some are just pieces of code that you need to add to your website...

Listen. I dissect the source code of these "things" as a hobby.

And let me tell you, they are a joke. They are just ideas, they are not complete working solutions.

These slimy bastards who are pushing these things at us don't give a damn about getting you traffic.

They only care about getting increased traffic to their bank accounts.

They only care about getting increased traffic to their bank accounts.

They go on Fiver.com or Elance.com and get some $5 coder from South Asia or Eastern Europe who will whip up a half-baked software that they pass on to you as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Mind you, they NEVER use it themselves. But they trick you with flowery sales copy, dazzling screenshots, well-doctored videos and play on your hopes of getting filthy stinkin' rich online.

And once you spend your money to buy the latest "magic traffic software"...




Or worse, what if the people who created all that stuff simply LIED.

I found them out.

I got sick and tired of the crap.

And stopped buying their half-baked products.

I unsubscribed from their lists.

I stopped visiting Internet marketing forums.

I tore myself away from the marketplace.

I went cold turkey and...



But it was hard.

Especially since I was trying to leave that joke of a job.

I tried sticking it to my slave-driving boss.

But it back-fired on me (more on that later).

And so began my sojourn...

Each evening after leaving work, I’d work feverishly on my Internet marketing right up into the wee hours of the mornings...

so much so... that... most mornings... when it was time to get up to go to work... I called in sick, and went back to sleep.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I used up all my available “sick days” .

And my vacation leave?

Wasn’t long before I ran through that, too.

But that still wasn’t enough...

I kept pushing and pushing the envelope, taking more risks with my job, taking more and more time off till I had an argument with my boss who accused me of insubordination and...



So he kicked my ass with a pink slip.


I had 6 months of savings I could live off for a while till I picked up something new.

The wife and kids would be ok for a while.

But three months passed and no new job.

But I was having a little luck with affiliate marketing.

I made a trickling of income from the "get taller" niche.

And I was hooked.

And I wanted more money NOW!

But I needed a BARRAGE of FREE TRAFFIC to make it happen.



It so happened that my high school class had a re-union in September of last year.

And I ran into an old school-mate of mine, Tim Fellman.

He was a chess and computer geek back in the day.

He still wore those thick-lens glasses... only with designer frames.

So little surprise when he told me he was a graduate student doing research in MIT's Data Mining field.

Hmmm... I felt a little intimidated by his academic success but I muscled up the courage to tell him about my dilemma of no job and my adventures in Internet marketing.

Well, it turned out Tim had been reading and was also intrigued with stories of geeks striking it big in Internet Marketing... but he just never had the time to get into it.

He was bored with his research anyway and he wanted to work on something exciting to hit it BIG, joining the ranks of rich geeks like Mark Zuckerberg.

He looked at all the code of the previous crap software I bought, and he suggested we develop software that would be able to:

 Generate MASSIVE free, targeted traffic on demand - on autopilot

  Monetize the free traffic automatically using the hottest money-making opportunities online

  Rinse and repeat, for different niches, for different affiliate networks.

 All automatically, easily

 And 100% legally


With Tim's background in Advanced Data Computing, he soon proposed with me a 'brain-inspired' ALL-IN-ONE money making software that would work like this:

It would use Supervised Pattern Recognition to find the hottest content on the internet that can easily be used to monetize.


It would then use Parallel Data Processing to generate unique content based on the profitable keywords to generate traffic.

This algorithm allows the software to generate massive quality content that everyone loves to read. All you need is just ONE click.

It should be noted that the software only analyses and focuses on "buyers traffic", not 'junk traffic'. After all, "buyers traffic" is where the money is to be made.


Then it would create and automatically embed your affiliate links and ads inside the content. The software is also integrated with a list builder so that you can quickly build a mailing list to make sales over and over.


After that, the software automatically unearths all the traffic sources and blasts out the auto-generated content filled with our affiliate links to these free traffic sources.

 Buyer traffic will automatically come. And that's how to make money!

The software has multiple traffic sources, so we don't need to just rely on a single traffic source such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, PPV, etc... to make money.

The software needs to be evolving, as it needs to be able to learn from new niches or identify new money-making opportunities on the net everyday.

Next, all we needed to do was... 

The task now lay before us to create the bad ass traffic application that would let us realise our dreams of Internet riches.

Tim moved into my home for a week, working out of my guest room. My wife plied us with hot meals, Red Bull, and energy bars, and what-not throughout the entire time.

And for 7 days, we worked feverishly.

Tim wrote the code while I tested.

I used some of his personally written software to find and detect the content produced by our system and I was completely floored!

The search engines loved it!

And the traffic was unbelievable!

We tried to monetize that massive traffic in one of our favorite niches, and the results blew our minds.

It put $1,209 into my bank account in *ONE* day!

The next day, $1,665.

And the next, $2,103.

We were making money at will! On autopilot. Non-stop. And we were loving it!

With a few more tweaks and testing it was ready and we called it...

And here's what it can do:

It searches for profitable trends, and keywords.

It automatically generates content and traffic.

It automatically monetize the free, targeted traffic.

It works on any computer, from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

It uses the most advanced 'brain-inspired' algorithms to make sure money can be made FAST. GUARANTEED!


If you're desperate to make money online but you're sick and tired of all the hype and all the stuff that just doesn't work... this is exactly what you've been searching for.

Everything, my friend, is on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!

Let me ask you...

- Aren't you SICK of getting beat down by your dickhead boss...?

- Are you ANGRY at getting raped by google every week... ?

- Are you pissed at the gurus scamming you every time with no light at the end of the tunnel?

If your answer is YES, then my friend, this automated solution can help you...

Imagine a hands-free, stress-free money-making system that...

Is perfect for YOU if you work 9 – 5; a 7am - 3pm; 11am - 7pm; 4pm - 12am--or whatever--it makes money at ANYTIME of the day... make money before... after... or during work hours!

Lets you make BIG money with very little "work" everyday!



This very same simple software floods our affiliate accounts monthly with figures like $41,083... $52,195.... $62,743... $76,012.95 ... $80,912... every single month! And it will keep making money for years and years to come. We have no doubt that it can do the same for you too!

Now look at this:



Warning: These are real-time reviews by our beta-testers and users. You can post your own review too. As we want to make sure everything is 100 transparent, we are not afraid to share this type of reviews right here on our website. Feel free to see for yourself how our software is helping other people!

First Name:
Last Name:

Note! After you hit the submit button, your review will
automatically appear above and will be visible to anyone and everyone.



This is an actual proven system for raking in hundreds... even thousands of dollars a week from automatic online traffic... INSTANTLY!

A system unlike any other that spits out pure profits 24/7, regardless of your skill or experience...

There's no limit in what you can do... It all depends on how much money you want to make...

  Want to make $100 a day? Easily doable.

  $200 a day? Easily doable.

  $500 a day or more? No problem at all.

At the rate at which we see money appearing in our affiliate accounts, we expect to make over a million dollars within the next few months.

But maybe you don't want to make the millions.

Maybe you just want a cool, comfortable $5K-a-month to start out with till you're ready to ante up and rake in more cash.

And nothing's wrong with that... BUT I CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT.

Because, as I said before, there's no way to stop getting money... even if you try.

There's no "On/Off" switch to click.

There's no saying, "Oh, I think I have enough cash now. I don't need any more."

Sorry. With our software, there's no room for that. There's no time-out with this.

And the best part is...

It gets to work right away, shoving cash right into your account.

You don't have to work for it.

The system builds it for you.


Could it be any simpler than that?

Listen: Regardless of what any of the other "experts" will say...


A lot of the so-called gurus say you need to create home-study packages and sell 'em for $1,997 or some ridiculous prices that only the insane or naive would buy at.


That doesn't fly. If you're talking about volume, the majority of buyers out there aren't gonna shell out 4-figures for a product.

And those who do can't cover the production costs and development that goes into creating these BIG home study courses. So don't even waste your time buying into these 4-figure home-study courses.

Continuity programs are the next guaranteed monthly income myth the 'so-called' gurus push.

Sure, it sounds good.

But you've got to work your ass off to keep subscribers interested. Because, once the content fails to hold their attention, they're gone. It's not as easy as they make it sound.

So, why work so hard when you can easily skim money off VOLUMES of transactions with easy, unstoppable traffic?

Let me explain:

With Project Fast Income, you can easily create one 'set-n-forget' cash campaign within 10 minutes.

For each campaign, you can monetize from many affiliate links. And I assume each campaign generates a bare minimum of 1-2 sales a day, or 15-30 dollars a day profit.

Remember, you just need 10 minutes to set up a campaign and leave it to run automatically right after that.

So how many campaigns do you want to set up? It's all up to you...

  With just 3 campaigns, or 30 minutes of 'work', that's $45 a day, or nearly $1,500 a month.

  With just 10 campaigns, or just 2 hours of 'work', that's $150 a day, or nearly $4,500 a month.

It all depends on how much you want to make. The potential income is  up to you... You can make up to...

And even better, I don't totally rely on slow, organic traffic.

No JV partners.

No Google Adwords or any other paid methods to generate traffic.

No posting of ads on Craigslist or Kijiji or any of those other kinds of sites to get traffic.

Who has time for that?


Too much work.

All I need is a tool to hose down my affiliate links with SUPER MEGA TRAFFIC and I'm good.

And I get it all purely from Project Fast Income.

Here's a reality check:



Once upon a time, traffic purists would tell you that on-page optimization and off-page optimization are the way to go.

Write articles, they say.

Upload videos to Youtube.

Exploit social media sites.

Post on forums and make sure your posts have signatures.

I'm not saying anything is wrong with that.

All that is good, yes.

But one thing: It's slow

I don't have time for that.

Do you have time for that?


That's the motto I live by.

All that stuff is in my rear view mirror.

I can't go about making money the slow way.

I don't have time to be sitting at my computer all day doing that mundane stuff.

Project Fast Income does all that... and more.

The jungle rule goes, "Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive."

In the Internet marketing jungle, only the smart marketers survive.

Only the smart marketers make hundreds of multiples of what the average marketer earns.

And if you want to make at least $2,500 per day, you have to be above the level of the average marketer.

You have to use tools the average marketer doesn't use.

You have to think on a higher level than the average marketer.

And that means you need to have a smart tool like Project Fast Income installed on your computer.


Which would you rather have?

Let me tell you about an experience I had at the bank the other day...

I went to my local bank to get a bank statement which was needed to open my new stock brokerage account.

And when I went up to the customer service rep and requested it, she said something to the effect of, "If your account is less than $3,000, we will have to deduct fees from it to produce the statement.

I looked at her with a blank stare and said, "Ok."

Seeing such a young man like myself, her tone suggested I may have had less in there.

But when she put in my debit card numbers into her system, I could see her facial expressions changing.

She swallowed and looked up at me and said, "Oh, tha..tha... that will be fr- fr- freee for you Mr. Williams. I'll be right back with it."

Her attitude shifted from seeming disdain to respect.



And this system will bring you just that.

Look...I know it may be hard to believe the claims you've read in this letter so far.

Maybe you've been taken by some 'gurus' who promised you the world with their software.

And, of course, you will be skeptical of anyone who makes similar claims.

But get this:

Just as how I found a few gems out of the crap I bought to begin making a small amount of affiliate income in the "get taller" niche, there are gems in traffic and affiliate marketing software as well.

And I can confidently say Project Fast Income IS a gem.

Remember, on this page, you can see our the REAL-TIME, LIVE traffic and earning proofs.

And you got the opportunity to try it with a NO RISK GUARANTEE.

If it doesn't do as I say, you simply ask for your money back.

When you download it in a few minutes, you just...

Fill in a few fields.

Click submit.

And Project Fast Income goes to work for you.

Forget slaving away for someone else.

Forget putting up with the crap at work you wouldn't normally stomach because you want to protect your "paycheck".

With this system...

And a few quick clicks...

You can finally get the money you deserve.

And have all the time in the world.

To spend it the way you want to.

Your life is yours again.

With Project Fast Income, it's ridiculously easy to make money online.

I'm handing you the keys to a new lifestyle.

Get the car you want.

Pay down on your house.

Take vacations.

There's nothing this system is lacking.

It's ALL here for you to get started today, regardless of experience...

And even with NO technical skills.

And you see, most internet marketing gurus just drop a piece of software in your hands and hope that you don't ask for a refund. There's little to no support.

They don't care how well you're doing. They just want to make their money and run for the hills.

We don't work that way. We are here with full support. We are here to help you make money from our system!


Now, I guess...

If there was a question...

.. it would only be this...


Listen, for the first time ever, I would like to share this software to a group of serious people who want to change their lives. I want to help! I remembered how much I struggled when I first started out!

However, I'm offering this software to only a limited number of users who I can comfortably take care of with regards to support.

I don't believe in outsourcing support to someone who couldn't care less about your success and your will to make it happen.

I want to be the one dealing with your issues if you have any.

And unfortunately, we've passed the stage where we need more beta-testers and those who got in free have already paid us out of their profits.

And we didn't charge them a lot at all.

How much do you think they had to shell out for it?




I'm trying to help you cure your traffic woes here, and I would surely be doing you a disservice if I charged you too much.

So here's the deal: Your investment is only $39.95... for now

So, if you're...

Hungry for FREE traffic.

Hungry for AUTOMATED income and...

Hungry for the FREEDOM that comes with it.

then your button to freedom is below...

YES!  I want to be one of the very limited amount of people who will get access to Project Fast Income!

And because I am taking fast action today, I will have the right to get on board for the special price of only $39.95

  I fully understand Project Fast Income comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, making this investment absolutely risk-free.

I also understand the $39.95 one-time fee is ALL I ever have to pay to start profitting immediately from the internet.  I'm rushing to the 100% secure checkout page by clicking the "Download" button now:

You can change things, right now, by downloading Project Fast Income.

And suddenly you're able to make more money...

... you're able to finally start making affiliate sales...
and you're finally able to start living the life you want.

Do you want the same old life, or do you want to change it now?


Special One-off Bonus: If you take action now, I'll give you all of the following VALUABLE BONUS AT ONCE:

Bonus #1: Software In A Box License!

You get everything you need to sell THREE software & keep 100% of the income ($297+ Value!)

Bonus #2: Traffic Strategies Videos In A Box License!

You get everything you need to sell an awesome traffic training video collection & keep 100% of the income ($997+ Value!)

Bonus #3: Conversion Series Videos In A Box License!

You get everything you need to sell this best selling conversion series video collection & keep 100% of the income ($997+ Value!)

Bonus #4: Marketing Content In A Box License!

You get 60 high quality articles you can use as you choose ($497+ Value!)

Bonus #5: Marketing Automation Lead Magnet In A Box License!

You get a hot topic report to edit and give away with done for you follow up emails so you can generate more leads & income for your business ($300+ Value!)

Bonus #6: SEO Mastery Lead Magnet In A Box License!

You get a hot topic report to edit and give away with done for you follow up emails so you can generate more leads & income for your business ($300+ Value!)

Bonus #7: Content Hacks Lead Magnet In A Box License!

You get a hot topic report to edit and give away with done for you follow up emails so you can generate more leads & income for your business ($300+ Value!)

So what is this all worth? - Here's a recap of what you'll receive:

3 Software in a Box License - $297+ Value!
Traffic Strategies Videos In A Box License - $997 Value!
Conversion Series Videos In A Box License - $997 Value!
Marketing Content In A Box License - $497 Value!
Marketing Automation Lead Magnet In A Box License - $300 Value!
SEO Mastery Lead Magnet In A Box License - $300 Value!
Content Hacks Lead Magnet In A Box License - $300 Value!

Exclusive Bonus Package Total Value = Over $3,476+ Worth of Private Video Training, White Label Rights Packages, Software And More that You Get Included with Your Profit Builder V2 Access when You Use Our Link! You won’t find this kind of added value anywhere else.

The Only Catch is that this offer and our BONUS is LIMITED and this offer ends when the countdown timer hits zero. So please know that if you decide to think this one over too long and come back in a few days only to see a big SOLD OUT sign up....SORRY...

Again, these are all time-sensitive bonus and you won't get it if you still hesitate.

So act fast and claim your $3,476 bonus RIGHT NOW!




... I've already seen how this wizard application can make you a very easy and automatic $41,083... $52,195.... $62,743... $76,012.95 ... $80,912...... a month from not much effort.

All I'm asking you to pay is $39.95 - one time, and that's it - no hidden 'continuity' or fees. And this will make you money for years to come.

Think more carefully... If you use the Project Fast Income to make money for the next 3 years...

That means you're paying $1 a month... or just over 3 cents a day...

3 cents a day to quit your job and make crazy money from home?
I think you know that's an insane bargain...

To Your Outrageous Affiliate Marketing Success,

P.S: Remember this is a completely "set-it-and-forget-it" system. You only need to check your affiliate accounts... and you can go on with your day making money on autopilot while

you're at work...

at school...

or at play...

...It's custom-designed to fit around your lifestyle... without requiring anything from you more than the ability to simply input your affiliate links and submit -- and that's been proven to make money consistently.

P.P.S: This is a 100% risk-free trial offer. If Project Fast Income doesn't make you money, simply ask for a full and fast refund. No hassles. No questions asked. And we part friends.


P.P.P.S. Don't forget, you have absolutely no risk. Get the system today and put it to work for you. If you're not blown away by the results you're entitled to a full, no hassle refund.

Here are some quick FAQs:

Q1. "Will your system work anywhere in the world?"

A1. Yes, as long as you have an internet connection, and you can start implementing the steps in my system to make money. This product can work in any niche such as forex, fat loss, surveys, betting etc...

Q2: "Do you provide customer support?"

A2. Yes. We are here to help you make money online. Our team will answer your questions promptly so feel free to ask us.

Q: Is Any Training Included With The Software?
A: Absolutely, we included step-by-step training in the members area. We hold you by the hand and take you through every step of the way.

Q3: "If you're making all this money, why would you want to share it, most of all, with total strangers? Why don't you share this system for free?"

A3. Good one. As I mentioned, I'm building a small army of proteges to use this system together with me. The one who are qualified should be serious about making money online and be willing to take action!

That's why I can't share this system for free. If I share it for free, no one will respect it!

I limit the number of copies for 2 reasons. First, there is a certain amount of users I can guarantee high support quality. Second, by limiting the number of copies, my customers can take full advantage of the system! The system won't lose its power and my income won't be affected!

Order Now!

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